disallow octal literals (no-octal)

禁用八进制字面量 (no-octal)

Octal literals are numerals that begin with a leading zero, such as:

八进制自面量是指那些以 0 开始的数字,比如:

var num = 071;      // 57

Because the leading zero which identifies an octal literal has been a source of confusion and error in JavaScript code, ECMAScript 5 deprecates the use of octal numeric literals.

在 JavaScript 代码中,八进制的前导数字零作为其标示一致是导致混淆和错误的来源,ECMAScript 5 已经弃用了八进制字面量。

Rule Details

The rule disallows octal literals.


If ESLint parses code in strict mode, the parser (instead of this rule) reports the error.

如果 ESLint 是在严格模式下解析代码,解析器(而不是该规则)会报告错误。

Examples of incorrect code for this rule:

错误 代码示例:

/*eslint no-octal: "error"*/

var num = 071;
var result = 5 + 07;

Examples of correct code for this rule:

正确 代码示例:

/*eslint no-octal: "error"*/

var num  = "071";



This rule was introduced in ESLint 0.0.6.

该规则在 ESLint 0.0.6 中被引入。