Disallow Function Constructor (no-new-func)

禁用Function构造函数 (no-new-func)

It’s possible to create functions in JavaScript using the Function constructor, such as:

在 JavaScript 中可以使用 Function 构造函数创建一个函数,例如:

var x = new Function("a", "b", "return a + b");

This is considered by many to be a bad practice due to the difficulty in debugging and reading these types of functions.


Rule Details

This error is raised to highlight the use of a bad practice. By passing a string to the Function constructor, you are requiring the engine to parse that string much in the way it has to when you call the eval function.

该规则会高亮标记出不好的实践的使用。把一个字符串传给 Function 构造函数,你需要引擎解析该字符串,这一点同调用 eval 函数一样。

Examples of incorrect code for this rule:

错误 代码示例:

/*eslint no-new-func: "error"*/

var x = new Function("a", "b", "return a + b");
var x = Function("a", "b", "return a + b");

Examples of correct code for this rule:

正确 代码示例:

/*eslint no-new-func: "error"*/

var x = function (a, b) {
    return a + b;

When Not To Use It

In more advanced cases where you really need to use the Function constructor.

在一些更高级的情况下,你确实需要使用 Function 构造函数。


This rule was introduced in ESLint 0.0.7.

该规则在 ESLint 0.0.7 中被引入。