disallow inline comments after code (no-inline-comments)

禁止使用内联注释 (no-inline-comments)

Some style guides disallow comments on the same line as code. Code can become difficult to read if comments immediately follow the code on the same line. On the other hand, it is sometimes faster and more obvious to put comments immediately following code.


Rule Details

This rule disallows comments on the same line as code.


Examples of incorrect code for this rule:

错误 代码示例:

/*eslint no-inline-comments: "error"*/

var a = 1; // declaring a to 1

function getRandomNumber(){
    return 4; // chosen by fair dice roll.
              // guaranteed to be random.

/* A block comment before code */ var b = 2;

var c = 3; /* A block comment after code */

Examples of correct code for this rule:

正确 代码示例:

/*eslint no-inline-comments: "error"*/

// This is a comment above a line of code
var foo = 5;

var bar = 5;
//This is a comment below a line of code


This rule was introduced in ESLint 0.10.0.

该规则在 ESLint 0.10.0 中被引入。