Reporting Bugs

If you think you’ve found a bug in ESLint, please create a new issue or a pull request on GitHub.

如果你认为你发现了 ESLint 的一个 bug,请在 GitHub 上创建一个 issue提交一个 pull request

Please include as much detail as possible to help us properly address your issue. If we need to triage issues and constantly ask people for more detail, that’s time taken away from actually fixing issues. Help us be as efficient as possible by including a lot of detail in your issues.


Note: If you just have a question that won’t necessarily result in a change to ESLint, such as asking how something works or how to contribute, please use the mailing list or chat instead of filing an issue.

注意:如果你只是有一个问题,且该问题并不一定会导致 ESLint 发生改变,比如询问一些工作原理或者如何做出贡献,那么请使用邮件列表chat 而不是提交一个议题(issue)。