ESLint is an open source JavaScript linting utility originally created by Nicholas C. Zakas in June 2013. Code linting is a type of static analysis that is frequently used to find problematic patterns or code that doesn’t adhere to certain style guidelines. There are code linters for most programming languages, and compilers sometimes incorporate linting into the compilation process.

ESLint 是一个开源的 JavaScript 代码检查工具,由 Nicholas C. Zakas 于2013年6月创建。代码检查是一种静态的分析,常用于寻找有问题的模式或者代码,并且不依赖于具体的编码风格。对大多数编程语言来说都会有代码检查,一般来说编译程序会内置检查工具。

JavaScript, being a dynamic and loosely-typed language, is especially prone to developer error. Without the benefit of a compilation process, JavaScript code is typically executed in order to find syntax or other errors. Linting tools like ESLint allow developers to discover problems with their JavaScript code without executing it.

JavaScript 是一个动态的弱类型语言,在开发中比较容易出错。因为没有编译程序,为了寻找 JavaScript 代码错误通常需要在执行过程中不断调试。像 ESLint 这样的可以让程序员在编码的过程中发现问题而不是在执行的过程中。

The primary reason ESLint was created was to allow developers to create their own linting rules. ESLint is designed to have all rules completely pluggable. The default rules are written just like any plugin rules would be. They can all follow the same pattern, both for the rules themselves as well as tests. While ESLint will ship with some built-in rules to make it useful from the start, you’ll be able to dynamically load rules at any point in time.

ESLint 的初衷是为了让程序员可以创建自己的检测规则。ESLint 的所有规则都被设计成可插入的。ESLint 的默认规则与其他的插件并没有什么区别,规则本身和测试可以依赖于同样的模式。为了便于人们使用,ESLint 内置了一些规则,当然,你可以在使用过程中自定义规则。

ESLint is written using Node.js to provide a fast runtime environment and easy installation via npm.

ESLint 使用 Node.js 编写,这样既可以有一个快速的运行环境的同时也便于安装。


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