ESLint 0.9.0 released

We just pushed ESLint 0.9.0, which is a minor release upgrade. This release includes new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements.


This is a summary of the major changes you need to know about for this version of ESLint.


Plugins can now be shipped with a default configuration specified. For more information, see the plugins documentation.

Comma Spacing

There’s a new comma-spacing rule, so we removed comma spacing checks from space-infix-ops to consolidate that functionality.

CLIEngine updated

The CLIEngine object has been updated with more functionality for tools developers. You can now use it to lint plain text via a executeOnText() method and a getConfigForFile() method that returns the calculated configuration information for a given file. You can read more about this in the Node.js API documentation.

Governance Model

With this release, we’re introducing the ESLint Governance Model to help more people become involved with the project. The governance model establishes the rules by which contributors can increase their involvement with the project and influence its direction.

Breaking Changes


Bug Fixes